Health Coaching-Holistic Path to Wellness

Teaneck Reiki is now providing  - IIN Health Coaching.
Like the tree, its time to  grow new "roots" to your new journey in life.

This program is to assist  you with talking about your goals, discovering ways together to improve food and other forms of nutritional choices. Face those  patterns that keep you "10 steps," back from improving health. Lastley, build a strong boundary/foundation that will support your new on-going healthly lifestyle. 

 My goal as your health coach is to create a program thats fits your needs that works for you.
My motto "YOU CAN!"

If you feel you need support to start over and transform your life, call me today to start the journey.
Program will be discussed and prepped monthly to stick with what you want to accomplish in 2021 and beyond.

Sometimes its not the personal trainer that needs to "kick your butt" into gear. Sometimes its not the doctor/dietician that tells you to stop it all and stick to a particular diet or take the latest diet fads. Its really someone that will be there at the start of your journey, work with  you on choices,  work with you when there's "ups and downs" but mostly work with you to reach what "YOU" want to achieve.

Lets start that conversation of change change today. Feel free to contact me, lets talk  about it program of your new life's journey.

"All pricing for "Health Coaching" will be discussed during program."

Institute for Intergrative Nutrition
Institute for Intergrative Nutrition

Your Journey Starts

Be Coachable

Come with your concerns but be open to accept change in your commitment to this program

Be Open

Be willing to try new foods, concepts, and exercises.
Understand / listen  to your body wants and needs 

Fullfil on Commitments - Be Accountable

Follow through the plan and see small changes add up to results.

Be responsible to your success. 

Begin and end sessions on time.


Find  healthy alternatives between work and play.
How to powerfully deal with stressors.


Give gratitude  in the the relationships in your life.
Give gratitude for taking the first steps to a better "YOU."

Spiritual peace

Meditations, affirmations, mantra's. Techniques that will  help you along the journey to inner peace. 

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