Small Guidence on Self Protection

Crystals have been around us no matter where we go, From our phones, ipads, watches to braclets. Crystals are one of many gifts given to us to use from this world. All types of Mineral of all classes, shapes & sizes all have a specific meaning. Since the before ancient Eygptains, Kings & Queens , a stone or crystal represented stature, protection, healing, health and well being. 

Crystals have a way to attract people by their beauty, shape but also vibration. Pay attention to the stones that catch your eye when going to visit your nearest Crystal store. That same stone sends frequency that only "you" will sense because  it is in tune with your current state of balance and energy within your body.  

In this section I provide basic instructions - simple ways to protect yourself and stay grounded . Within the coming weeks I will share insites on the  various crystals to provide further proctection, healing, vibation of wellbeing.

I hope that my video recordings  help guide you to understand to use Crystals in  your everyday life.

This week's "Crystal Protection Combo!" Pyrite & Tourmaline

Double protection for everyday
Double protection for everyday

Pyrite  - Represents sign of "Leo." This stone  helps with thought processes , promotes leadership  qualities  and gives protection , especially against negativity, accidents and disruptive forces. The great benefits received from this stone is instant energy, good for circulation, cell regeneration, digestion, brain and memory.

Black Tourmaline - Represents sign of "Libra," Give protection on all levels, from simple accidents to psychic attack and evil curses. It brings balance in all situations, is calming and promotes creativity, inspiration and self confidence to new challenges. Benefits from this crystal are good digestion, bladder support, and helps with low blood pressure. It is an overall good crystal for healing.

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